The Mermaid Life for Me

mermaidI like to live in the deep the vast majority of the time. It’s my personality.  But, my faith drives me there and keeps me there even more.

I love the important and monumental.   Give me discussions about politics, religion, injustice every day over the small talk that fills our lives.  I wallow in it, obsess over it, worry  over it, blog on it.

Many of these topics would be important without my faith.  (One thing I stand by over and over again is that politics and injustice should matter to everyone regardless of faith just as a matter of human decency).  However, my Jesus context makes it even more so.   It gives me an even greater responsibility and obligation to pay attention, learn, act responsibly for myself, and actually do something to help others.

What is the biggest/greatest thing that God has done for me?  (Obviously God gives me salvation, while that should be the big one.  Honestly, in my day to day, that is not necessarily the part that hits me.)

Purpose is the biggest thing.  I hate the feeling of meaninglessness.  God makes everything have the potential for impact and for his glory.

It gives meaning to everything I do.  It makes the important even more important and the mundane full of potential.

The depth of my soul calls to my Creator every day as I crave meaning and depth in everything I do.  

Deep calls to deep

   in the roar of your waterfalls;

all your waves and breakers have swept over me.  – Psalm 42:7

Throw me in the deep end and let me stay there – because I drown in the shallow waters.  They suffocate me.  

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