Wring Out the Negativity

Life isn’t fair.  There are huge, big examples that we know about or have actually experienced that show us this. Over and over. Again and again.

But in the day to day, it isn’t usually the big things that defeat us.  It is the details.  It is the minor disappointments, the irritations, the things that just don’t go the way we planned or wanted.

In all of that, we have to remember, through all of it, we are the children of a King who loves us.  Who delights in us and blesses us in a million different ways each day.

Everything that doesn’t go our way is an opportunity to surrender to Him.  The One with the actual plan, with the actual control.  The one who holds it all together, who has held me together at my most vulnerable.

Luella by Sofia Bonati
Luella by Sofia Bonati

So, I will continue to try to wring the negativity out of my attitude/life. I am going to try to live life slow enough to be conscious with my thoughts.

Instead, I want to focus on all that has been given to me…

You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me!

   I sing for joy because of what you have done.

Psalm 92:4



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