I Lift My Hands

I lift my hands to you in prayer. I thirst for you as parched land thirsts for rain

Psalm 143:6

The past few days I’ve felt dry and empty, emotionally drained.

Wheels are turning and days are passing, and every minute is full, and I’m the one that’s filled them.

And I know it is good and right and what God wanted. I am unwavering in that.

But I’m exhausted and used up and yet keep pouring out as my heart cries out.

And I lift my hands in prayer, not defeat.

And I thirst for my Lord, like parched land for rain, because no amount of human help can fill me up.

My cracks are growing and exposed and I feel ready to crumble.

i lift my handsYet, He is the potter. I am just a dearly loved vessel, and He will take my dried crumbly shell. He will wrap me, hold me, mold me.

Make me once more able to pour out love.

To give grave and receive it, simply because I am His.


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