Chaos and Rain

Its raining, and I’m cold and tired and the house is asleep, except Sissy Bug and sleep isn’t an option…so its back to my Father I go (and coffee).chaos and rain

There are 100 things I could be doing (and about 100 more I cant with a bug in my arms). I’ve had to stop myself twice, distractions come easily.

Lots to do and yet only one priority. One thing will bring me peace. One thing will bring me rest. One thing will allow grace for the day.

One thing: my Lord.

When my home is quite literally chaotic I tend to internalize the whirl wind and mess, leaving me in snapdragon mode.

My external environment only has this power when I allow it. And since I’m just plan tired I’m choosing a slower pace.

I choose internal peace, even if I can’t muster an outward reflection of that peace.

I choose to try my hardest to put others first. To not step on toes even if I do have a better (different/more effective) way.

When chaos strikes I tend to take control, but the harder I try to control the tighter I feel. Because I never really have any control and when I lay that truth down in the morning, in every moment of rising tension, I am capable of exhaling grace.

I get to choose whether or not to let the storm inside on this rainy morning.

Not today.



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