Math of the Mission

Don’t start groaning, but I want to share some math – don’t worry it won’t be too difficult.  I’m currently reading Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things by Ken Wysma.  In it, he presents the following Biblical math lesson that kind of floored me.

In math, there is a theory that if A = B and B = C, then A = C.  Simple enough (see I promised it wouldn’t be hard).  Wytsma applies this to our lives, God’s love, and our mission on earth.

The equation of A = B is found in John 3:16

A  is God’s love for the world.

B is God sent Jesus to die for us.



The equation of B= C is found in John 20:21

B is God sending Jesus to die for us.

C is Jesus sending us into the world.



So, if we apply our rule that A = C, John 3:16 and 20:21 put together would  work out like this…


Wow!  For God so loved the world, we were sent into the world.

I don’t know about you, but it just hit me.  There is so much magnitude and meaning in this mashup.  This just screams of how much God loves me and values me.  He has given us so much responsibility because he loves us and believes in us, just as we love and believe in His power.  He knows what we are capable of with His power, and it is more than we can imagine.

We need to be doing things.  We need to be carrying Jesus into the world.  We need to be fighting for the things for which God has called us to fight.  God loves us and is sending us out there to be the change makers!  So, no hermits allowed; we have to get out there…

because A = C and God so loved the world so much that He sent us into it.



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