Let it Burn

A lot of people view faith as a passive thing.  They picture daisies or wildflowers, peaceful meadows.  And sure, the Bible uses some of that imagery.  That’s not what speaks to me.  It is not how I view or want my faith.  I see it as powerful and vibrant.  I want an uncontrollable, scorching fire!

“Then, what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on them.” Acts 2:3

The Holy Spirit came on them like a fire – powerful, surging, and overcoming.  I want flames!  

The Holy Spriit is not weaker now than then. So, a roaring blaze in our soul is definitely possible.

If we pray for it, let it, and listen.  

Fires don’t continously burn on their own, though.  They have to be fed.

So I can wish and hope (and even pray) for the heat to grow into uncontrollable flames, but that isn’t enough.  I take time to feed other priorities. I have to take even more time to really feed the fire to build the inferno.  

I want to intentionally start with the kindling of scripture for a solid base, build up to the larger pieces of wood by building a stronger relationship, and dash it with some igniter fluid of radical faith because I want a blaze that is burning out of control…

…taking over everything in its path

…spreading tongues of fire on all it meets

…leaving all my earthly concerns

and desires as smoldering ash.

I want to burn.1bbb3b06a0408bf274bf30b24d623ef6



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