Can’t Touch This

I’ve been having a rough week, yes, again.

I’m at this cross roads between standing up for my home and serenity verses unlimited compassion and forgiveness.

There’s a reason I’m not God (ok lots of reasons) but mainly my compassion reserves often run low, very low. I keep trying to dig my well deeper, I’m leaning hard into the Holy Spirit and my sore back can attest to it.

Yesterday the song Learning to be the Light by Newworldson came on the radio…I’ve heard it many times, but yesterday I got it.

It’s the hardest thing ever but God is teaching me to be His hands, and not with the pleasant or easy people. Every single day I am learning to be the light even when I think, err, feel like some people created their own darkness and should deal with it.\

Very “Christian” emotions, I know.

Funny thing is, the very next song on the radio was MC Hammer’s Cant Touch this, and it spoke to me equally strong (and yes I did flip stations)

Everyone has nay-sayers, chronic complainers, manipulators, joy suckers…and sometimes those very people are the ones we have to love the hardest.

And sometimes we can simply tune these peoples words out, other times its hard.

While these joy suckers may be permanent residents in our lives we don’t have to give them power. The thing about chronically unhappy people is they like company, complaining to themselves is not fulfilling.

It took me a long time to find God again, and even longer to begin to listen to Him, I’ll be damned if I’m going to give away my happiness because I’m stuck on the other side of a drain.

Those joy- suckers, they “cant touch this”

Emotions run through me freely, perfectly justified at the moment, but when those feelings are negative and guided by darkness they do me no good.

So my new anthem is a Cant Touch This/Learning to be the Light remix…and the combination makes it hard not to smile when dealing with the ugliest of souls.

Mc Hammer, who woulda thought?!

– J


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