Celebrate Jesus

“one thing they did was celebrate their faith as a family”

We talk a lot about faith in our family. We even blog about it. Faith is easy for the majority of us, it’s the circumstances, life, that is hard. Faith is easy.

Our deeply rooted beliefs guide every major decision and alter our attitude and outlook daily.

We talk about God daily, about picking up our crosses, our burdens, answering yes and the trials that may ensure.

We aren’t called to an easy life, as a family we get and accept that.

But, in the midst of all our heavy faith, during heavy situations are we forgetting to celebrate it?

I don’t mean giving thanks, we do that, a lot.

I mean stopping what we’re doing to play the guitar and flute and march around the living room to sing about the one we love.

celebrate Jesus

Nici does this. He puts on parades and sings his “momma” song (and it melts me). I can feel his pure love and adoration as he falls into my lap after his numerous parade marches in my honor.

When is the last time I collapsed into my Father’s arms, not because I was tired and weary, but exhausted from singing His praise. Overcome with joy in His presence.

Am I just teaching my children that faith is hard, or that faith is worth celebrating even when it’s hard?



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