Get the Bubbles before They Pop

I’m waiting.

I know the chorus of angels is about to start.  A beam of light is about to fall upon my head.  And God, in a voice that sounds remarkably like James Earl Jones, is going to speak, providing wisdom and clarity to all my questions.

I’m tired of waiting.

Why am i waiting?

God does speak to me, pointing me towards millions of moments of opportunity.

When am I taking advantage of those?

e589c1a31919098d43e821050253f19cHow am I responding to each bubble of opportunity to show/be His love on earth?  To worship Him and His wonders?  To thank Him for His many blessings?

I may not hear the angels sing or find out how accurate my imaginings of God’s physical voice may be until my time here is complete.

But my time here is not complete.

“So, do your everyday and your ordinary.  Godliness is found and formed in those places.” (from Anything  by Jennie Allen)

I need to capture each bubble of opportunity before it pops.



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