Two Little Boys

I took this picture today.

imageOne of many. I’m a bit obsessed with capturing my children on cheap camera film (i.e. my phone)…although I’m seriously considering a Polaroid for a year project…I digress.
I took this picture and it’s all that is right in the world.

And I can’t help but place it next to another more popular image. All that is wrong in the world. A little boy washed ashore. And it’s not about politics, more about self reflection.child-s-body-washed-ashore-in-turkey

Two little boys. Worlds apart more than just physically. I can’t help but think of all the little boys not washed ashore,  but not upside down in carefree bliss.

Not making small stick forts in front yards. Not wrapped in a mothers safe embrace. Not reassured “you’s ok” as many times as necessary.

Because “you’s ok” isn’t their reality.

Lately, as I rock my babes to sleep I’ve been mourning those I can’t hold or even know. My heart is aching for this broken world, but mainly it’s affect on the little people.

And I don’t know where to start or what to do, but I know it’s more important than a budget. I know it’s more important than a tax break.

I don’t know where to start or what I can do, but I can’t rest until I figure out how. I can’t cozy into my small white bread, non-gluten, organic, cage free for the animal world…when little boys and girls are hurting.  Dying. Scared.

You’s ok shouldn’t be just for my kids. It should be an anthem for the world’s kids. Your kids and mine and every child in between.
image child-s-body-washed-ashore-in-turkey

Two little boys worlds apart shouldn’t be so different. Aren’t so different, except for one was born here and another there.



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