Ytumblr_lvfz7pPk131qc4rz2o1_500ou have made me incomplete so that you have room in me.  Room to fill my empty spaces.  Room to pull, push, and expand.  You have left room for reflection.

You have given me room to make decisions, room to fail, room to excel, room to make it to the next stumbling step, stronger than before.

You have given me room in my heart for compassion.  Room to learn to love more.  Room to love easily.  Room to forgive easily.  

You have allowed me to build room for you in my life.  More and more each year and yet it seems like there is never enough room for how much I want you and how much I need you.

You birthed me with permanent room for you in my soul.  A room that no one else can fill.  An empty room that reminds me that I’m not home.  My permanent room won’t come in this life.  That empty, gaping room is my continuous reminder of my connection to you, a servant soul to her God.  
Room – that is what I’m working on.  Getting rid of all the junk to increase the room for You in everything I do, everywhere I go, every breath I breathe.



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