Faith as a Battle Cry

“Let it be according to Your will” Luke 1:38

Mary, never fathomed we’d have an similarities. She trusted God in a way I long to. A way I’m slowly striving towards, without the vain notion I’ll ever succeed.

She blindly accepted God’s plan. Maybe she complained and contemplated, and journaled and was frustrated with His plan. However, she still said yes. She still mustered up all the exhausted mom strength she had and walked as a woman of God.

Through the pain, the trials, the disbelief, the hurt, the unjust.

Saying yes to God, feeling his nudge ,and answering does not mean the path will be easy or just. It almost guarantees sacrifice and confusion in my opinion.

It means we trust our Father. It means learning to rest in His comfort when chaos and confusion are making a wake.

faith as a battle cryIt means being clothed in Holy Armor because a faith yes (whether big or small) is a battle cry to the enemy.

I’m a fighter, a warrior (often battling myself). I guess I stepped into the arena…foolishly naïve, but ready and willing. And that’s really all God requires…my heart to be ready and willing. He will take care of the rest. He is my gracious and merciful commander.

Now if I could just remember that instead of relying on my own killer instincts.



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