Lest We Forget

As I’m writing this, yesterday was September 11. A day I’ll always remember. I was in middle school, sitting confused, wondering why some classes got to watch tv and we didn’t.

And then we did too.

I remember seeing the second plane hit. I remember thinking it wasn’t that big a deal.

photo 3.PNGAnd then it was.

We’re America.  We get things done and are safe.

And then we weren’t.

I remember watching the news that evening and getting extra long hugs and seeing extra long hugs on screen. However, I never anticipated that those hugs would turn back into self promoting, self seeking. Fear.

Maybe I didn’t pay much attention, or maybe I was just naive or maybe I was just selfish. But too often I hear fear when people speak. It’s hidden behind racist jokes, or police brutality (to and from), sexism, and fiscal confusion, the list goes on.

We aren’t a country united anymore. We were, for a short period of time, when danger was visible in a skyline.

When the ashes were still being wiped away.

We like to say ‘we’ll never forget’ and listen to saddening speeches and mourn for those lost. And that’s all good.

photo 2.PNGBut what about the fear being harbored, the hate growing bitter towards anyone or anything that threatens our cushy seat. When did we become apathetic towards evil, as long as it is on a distant shore?

Lest we forget that it could be us? It has been us before!

September 11 was a day filled with evil and pain and destruction for America, and part of remembrance for me is not forgetting that America isn’t a stand alone entity.

photo 1.PNGWe are all united on this planet, and while we have rebuilt and are forgetting what the danger felt like while still holding dear to ones lost…others are still crouching in fear, watching loved ones be lost. Trying to escape the evil that made a mark on us 14 years ago.

And the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

So get out there, a post on Facebook isn’t enough. Make your mark on the world  and make it a good one, in remembrance of evil, but with hope for the future.



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