Baby Blue Mary

Mary responded, “ I am the Lords servant, may everything you have said about me come true”

Luke 1:38

It never really occurred to me that maybe her life of fame and pain wasn’t what Mary had planned or wanted for herself or her family.

baby blueYes, it had its rewards and blessings, but she most likely had a plan. Probably a very well thought out, big plan. She was a strong smart woman. Strong, smart women don’t passively wait for their lives to unfold. They make plans.

And yet she wholly committed to God’s plan.

She chooses to set her life, her plan, her thoughts at God’s feet and say yes.

He asked; she answered. She gave a huge faith yes with no real idea of what was to come, except that it’d be hard and life changing. She would give birth to the messiah…how do you fathom all that would entail? You can’t.

I’ve never resonated much with Mary. Virgin mother scarved in blue, calm and holy, ready to go.

baby blue maryI don’t buy it. Yes, virgin mother, but fierce and strong and brave. Bold and willing. A baby blue scarf may be good for Easter and Precious Moment sales. But its not fooling me, my Mary is clothed in vibrant hues.

There is nothing passive about her life, her “yes.”

And some would argue bold garments weren’t in her means, her time period, her life…

Then again neither were virgin babies.



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