Harvest Time Is Coming!

35d08305556e57e269474e0ec20ce2c1I am so glad it is September!  I know autumn isn’t officially here for a few weeks, but in my mind, it is the beginning of fall.  I am ready for all the fall holidays (which means Christmas is closer!), cooler weathers, fall smells, etc.  Fall also means harvest time!

Jesus said “‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”’ (Matt 9:37).  

I think sometimes we make the mistake of assuming Jesus is saying there are too few Christians.  I’m not sure that is solely Jesus means here.  Can I confidently say that all Christians are workers of the harvest?  Can I honestly say that I am always a consistent worker? No.  So, I think he is saying there are too few Christians working on the harvest (along with the fact that more people need to find Christ).

Jesus follows up with this statement that we need to be praying for more workers.  This doesn’t just mean we need to be praying for more people to find Christ.  We also need to pray for the strength and calling to do His work on our own – to make sure we are getting up, out of our beds, and going into the fields.  It doesn’t say scarecrows.  It says workers.  We need to be actively harvesting, not simply a stuffed being taking up space in His name.

So, I need to pray for more workers, but I need to make sure I am getting up and putting in my work, too.

Even on days when I am tired, even on days when I’m emotional, even when days when I just need to sit down and take a break.  How am I working on the harvest?



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