Dynamite and Rivers

I cant deny that the Bible (thus God) values a gentle spirit; yet I cant quite swallow it either.

I love powerfully and live purposefully, and am working on leaving the rest to God.

dynamiteHowever, my love and my life can hardly be described as gentle…even my ten week old daughter can hardly be described as gentle. I’m a fighter…and I breed fighters (not the easiest thing to raise).

I realize slow, gentle, steady rivers make canyons. So does dynamite.

I fall into the latter.

God made me passionate (ie: explosive)

He knows every hair on my head has wired my being with strong feeling fibers. .

Thus the struggle of honoring His craftsmanship and honing a “gentle spirit” takes place. And most times this tasks is beyond me.

However I’m learning that dynamite is only deadly when it’s not controlled.

In the right hands and right time, it does good and magnificent work. It makes canyons. It literally moves mountains (or creates a landslide).

I’m dynamite and thank goodness I’m letting go of control…

Thank goodness my God has big enough hands to hold me. And perfect expertise in explosive souls.

I’m learning to wait for his timing. To listen more before using my tongue to cause landslides (internally and externally).

That’s the flip side to having an explosive soul; it often hurts you as much as your intended recipient.

I may never be a gentle spirit, but I am wired delicately and learning to handle myself with care and caution. To protect myself and the world from unintended outbursts.

I love powerfully and I live purposefully. And the force behind me can only be explained by a master engineer.



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