If I Had God’s Eyes

I wish I did sometimes…have God’s eyes…

Be able to see the direction things are going, the direction I am going.

Be able to see and understand why things happen, explains the context and purpose to others…

But then I’m sure I don’t want that.

3cc4f029c44311aea54f90015466af91I don’t want to see ALL the pain.

I don’t want the responsibility of knowing all, the heavy load of seeing all.

I really don’t want all of God’s vision.

I just want to worship and trust the God who does see all.

I want Him to hold my hand one step at a time. (I wouldn’t object to a  little light being thrown on the next bend in the road, though.)

I want to see with a Christly lens, with one that sees pain and hurt, responds in love and grace.

But, I don’t want God’s eyes in their entirety.

If I had God’s eyes, I couldn’t handle it.  I couldn’t carry the soul crushing burden of the pain I would see.  I can barely handle my own.

So, I will be satisfied with my own limited eyes ~ praying earnestly that they see what God wants them to see and that my hand and heart follow.



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