True Grace

True grace threatens our control.” Jennie Allen in Anything

I had to read this several times.

By accepting grace, we accept that we are flawed.  We accept that we need grace.  We accept that we are lacking and need.  We accept that our God is so much bigger and greater than us.

If we truly let that truth, that reality, settle into our being, into our consiousness…it can be frightening for what it could mean in the rest of our lives.  

If He is so much bigger and greater than us, what does that mean for me, my goals, my direction for life?

What am I trying to do if He knows infinitely more than I do?

0e37233751020af61db79606120389f1My acknowledgment and acceptance of His grace in my soul and at the core of my being is acknowledgment and acceptance of surrender.

a surrender of superiority

a surrender of hypocrisy

a surrender of a plan

a surrender of a control

BUT, it is also an embrace of a faith allowed to run freely.



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