Time Management VS Energy Management

Time management has never been something I struggle with.

I’m highly organized and highly efficient and I will accomplish any task needed plus some – while pregnant, carrying a toddler, yelling at the dogs, etc…

And it will be done well, wrapped, and pretty and on time.

(I’m actually trying to relax this portion of myself before I have a mental breakdown).

Which is why energy management spoke loudest to me.

time managementI always accomplish my tasks on time…and then I am often depleted and hungry (which means angry and grumpy). This side is of course not shown to the people on the receiving end of the task or gift.

It is unmercifully taken out on the who love me the most, and I know can handle my wrath….aka Shauna.

So the question doesn’t become “ do I have the time to do this well?” that answer is always yes.

The question is “do I have the energy to not only accomplish this task but have kindness left over afterwards?”

Time management is important for some people (I could name a few), but for me energy management is new a concept and one I plan to work on. Because if I have my time, but no energy for joy or love or kindness what is the point?

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2 thoughts on “Time Management VS Energy Management

  1. Great point! I have never thought of Energy Management. I’m like you, I am great at time management and getting tasks completed on time, but find myself depleted afterwards. Definitely something to think about.


  2. Interesting….I’ll have to ponder that. I do know it’s always harder for me to say no to something than it is to volunteer. Often I later think maybe I should have said no.


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