Then It Wouldn’t Be Called Faith

tumblr_m17pkk5uAj1r4w9ppo1_500If things were easy, it wouldn’t require faith.  It wouldn’t require a leap into the unknown, the nonsensical, with the knowledge that God would catch you.

Upon receiving a message from an angel, Mary was “confused and disturbed” (Luke 1:29).  Isn’t this true of most visions from God?  When I think about many of the times in the Bible when God made promises, or sent messages, the people who received them were confused and/or disturbed.  The details don’t completely add up; yet, they trusted.

When we give God full reign, doesn’t he often call us to be confused and disturbed?  He calls us to things that don’t make sense.  Things that force us to allow Him to fill gaps.

Confused and disturbed…I find these emotions ringing true.  God calls us out, but He keeps us safe. I just have to make sure I am listening to God’s true message and calling.  That it is Him making me feel this way and not my own earthly existence.

Is God calling me to depths of greater faith?  Of greater dependency? Or is it just another step of preparation?



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