Bring Your Desires to the Lord

bring your desiresGenerally speaking I don’t have a hard time asking for what I want.

Well, truth be told, I typically just do what needs to be done to make that happen, not always the best strategy, but effective.

I’ve always had a very open, verbal relationship with both my earthly parents. My opinion, wants, desires, emotions were and are well known. And if my words don’t speak it clearly my face will.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never had an issue bringing all my fleshy opinions, wants, desires, emotions, and confusion into communication with my heavenly father.

I more than understand His answer could be no, or later (I’ve heard that often from all my parents)

But sometimes the answer is ok, yes! (and sometimes I’ve been told ok, only to realize I’ve been begging for the wrong thing)

But you never know the answer unless you ask, and speak up, and then listen.

There’s a little section in Matthew 20 that I never paid much to, its about James and Johns mother…

She has the nerve to (respectably) ask Jesus to let her two sons sit in places of honor next to him! (Seriously, Matthew 20:20-21)

Talk about presumptuous, talk about bold.

Talk about a mother willing to do anything for her sons.

Talk about bringing your earthly desires to the foot of your father!

I love this woman, she didn’t let fear or pride or the possibility of a no stop her.

And basically Jesus said you have no idea what you’re asking and the answer is no…but the point is SHE ASKED! And I can’t help but think that thoroughly pleased God!

He will protect us (and our sons) from our often crazy ideas, and ourselves, because he cares!

Just like I care and want to hear every single one of Nici’s outlandish ideas and his crazy emotions, and sometimes I have to tell him no (a lot of the time) to protect him from himself…I never want him to stop coming to me with those ideas and emotions!

And its mind-boggling that’s how God, my heavenly father feels about me. He craves an open relational communication with me, not formal prayer. Just simple talking, he wants to discuss my wants and desires.

That’s pretty amazing.



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