He is our Safe Place

Sometimes we just need to know that we are safe and everything is going to be okay.

Go, inspect the city of Jerusalem.

   Walk around and count the many towers.

Take note of the fortified walls,

   and tour all the citadels,

that you may describe them

   to future generations.

For that is what God is like.

   He is our God forever and ever,

   and he will guide us until we die.

-Psalm 48:12-14

Tower of David in Jerusalem
Tower of David in Jerusalem

He is our sanctuary and safe place.  We have all the protection we need, all the watchtowers, and fortification for any attack from any place.  He is eternally ours.

His city of protection can also serve as a place of retreat.  We aren’t called to always dwell in the sanctuary of his fortified walls.  Rather, we are called to go out and fight the good fight, fight the enemy with the knowledge that we have a safe place to retreat and rest before going out to fight again the next morning.
Oh how I am thankful for his sanctuary and safety!  God is so many things, but sometimes we need this reminder.  He provides a layer of protection between us and the enemy – if we allow Him and dwell in His safety.



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