Help My Unbelief

“what do you mean ‘if you can?’ Jesus asked, ‘Anything is possible if you believe.’ The father instantly cried out, ‘I do believe, but help me to overcome my unbelief’’” – Mark 9:23-24

I’ve said it many times, faith is easy for me, and yet, this father’s plea…his unbelief amidst his faith… it resonates.

Theologically I have unwavering faith.

“I believe in God the Father

I believe in Jesus Christ

I believe in the Holy Spirit

And that He’s given us new life

I believe in the crucifixion

I believe that He conquered hell

I believe in the resurrection

And that He’s coming back again”

I believe, and yet, Lord I pray, “help me to overcome my unbelief.”

Every time I over analyze His plan, my faith yes’s…

Every time I try and micromanage ten steps, 6 months, 12 months ahead…

Every time I need exact order and perfectly finished list in order to feel peace…

I am acting and thinking in unbelief.

I am doubting God will step in and take care of all the details, including the emotional weight, the personal sacrifice, the late nights, the back and forth, He holds it all.

Err…..He wants to hold it all. I must first hand it over to him, instead of carrying the weight of the ‘yes’ on my tired shoulders.

my unbeliefGod uses people, when we say yes we are answering a call to action. To take steps in faith, not knowing the outcome, not knowing the sacrifice, but yes nonetheless to show love.

I am not called to panic, or worry, or fear. God carries the weight of my life, the weight of my yes.

I simply need faith for the moment. Faith to let go of the 10 moments to come.

Faith to embrace the moment and the glory if His presence in my present.

Faith is easy for me, and yet I pray:

“help me overcome my disbelief, help me to silence the enemy, and dig deep into God’s promises, help me to silence the whispers of worry that lead to action and thinking in unbelief”



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