Too Many Voices

I am sitting here, drinking my coffee

surrounded by middle school girls,

still tired as I’m awake

and they’re still sleeping,

I am sitting here, contemplative and reflective,

thinking about the girl I was

and the woman I am.

I was blessed to participate in a coming of age week with these amazing girls and some special women last week.  What treasures these girls are and they don’t know it.  Why?  Because society sends them (and most girls) so many other messages.

  • ugly
  • invisible
  • stupid
  • fat
  • not important
  • criminal
  • unworthy

The list could go on (and theirs did).

If they are getting these messages everywhere, how do they counteract the negative voices that inundate them from every corner?  How do we help them…

And ourselves.  As I did the same activity as the girls, creating a list of what the world calls me, I had quite the list myself.  How do I counteract these messages for myself?

b85dafa294bad253b7b68a3058ad45eaHow do I keep myself rooted in my identity of who God created me to be and ignore these voices?

I want to see my reflection as God sees it, in His image.  I want to see potential and possibility pouring out.
Lord, Help us to hear your voice louder than all others.  Let your truth rule in our hearts and lives, so we remember our value to you as we navigate all the challenges that come our way.



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