Give Me Some Reinforced Drawers

Almost everyone in my family loves to find discarded treasures and revive them.  This could be a coffee table turned into a padded seat.  My favorite is a desk that had been put out to the trash that my mom repainted for me.  Sometimes, it just means a deep clean and polish.  Other people may not see the plan or best use for these items, but when we find them we have a vision for how to use them.

35ecfddd4bbafe2a9d6e8317fed178a7I think that is how God sees us sometimes.  Others may not see our best assets; we may not know how best to serve Him.  We can get blinded by the dents and dings to our exterior; we are fully aware of the limitation of our foundations, our fading color.  However, He has a plan for how to continually work us towards His vision, if we let Him.

Sometimes He has to reinforce some drawers to hold a heavier burden than we thought we could.

Sometimes He has to redo the surface to reflect more of His character to bring in more people.

Sometimes there is some damage done that He has to fix before we are fully functional.

He notices all of our quirks and intricacies (after all he put them there).  He lets those stay because those are what make us uniquely fit for his specific vision for our lives.

We are His treasure, not that He found, but that He made; meant to live and serve a purpose for him.
I like being this work in progress for Him.  I like knowing that He is constantly working on me, sanding, painting, reinforcing.  It’s because of His love and value for me that He challenges me, sands me, never lets me settle as adequate.  He has made me to serve a higher purpose I cannot even see yet.

– S


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