Lobsters Mate for Life

Some people believe in soul mates.lobsters

Some people have best friends.

Even more people have a sister.

However, very few people are as blessed as I am. I have all three wrapped up in one.

And even fewer people have the privilege of living with them.

And I am the only one who gets the honor (and perks) of the boundless kindness and generosity and wisdom that is the essence of Shauna.

Our regular followers know this spring has been an array of chaotic transitions. Confusing and dirty and sprinkled with the holy goodness of worms and marshmallows at all the right moments. Full of Bear and Bug and love.

lobsters 1And also full of a holy sister fierce enough to withstand every blow and gentle enough to know when to strike back and how.

This is my thank you, my public acknowledgement of all that she is and all that I’m not, and all that she teaches me and gives without thought.

It’s critical for all females to have fellow godly women to lean on, and pray with and laugh with and life with.

And I thank the Lord daily for mine, for you Shauna. I don’t know how people have children without TiTi’s!


Ps. Also thank you to Chris who has always understood and welcomed us a package deal!


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