You Should Nap

Jesus napped.

He took time, went to quiet gardens, mountain tops, secluded areas of rest and peace to restore His spirit. To nap, and commune with his Father and closest friends.

Jesus napped, you should nap.

I am notoriously bad at resting. I am always the Martha despite my longing to just rest at his feet.

I don’t seem to know how to take it easy…even after having a baby my body literally has to force me to slow down via not healing properly before I start to listen.

And yet, this morning I sit here holding my sleeping bug while my sleeping boys are in bed and I hear,

“this is your summer in the garden, rest, don’t waste it little girl”

Seems like an intelligent faithful woman would listen. Seems like an easy assignment.

A gift, a summer to rest in a garden. A summer to restore my tired spirit and commune with my closest friends and family.

I’m going to try my hardest to listen, to put off until tomorrow all the unnecessary.

napTo be mindful and intentional about choosing peace, choosing the moment over the task.

Dropping my list to sit and play.

It’s my experience that while God gives us blessings daily he doesn’t often give us a summer of rest (at least not me…at least not that I’ve listened to)

And its so fitting, so telling of his understanding of me, that he followed it with

“…don’t waste it little girl”



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