Plans Discarded

My sister and I are planners.

3808999f411d5ec268979c87b44a270d We plan meals.  We plan weekends. We plan outings.  We plan responses to situations that may or may not happen. We plan what we should wear for events long in advance.  We plan how to provide.  We plan how to decorate spaces we have and those we don’t.  We plan how to save money and spend money we don’t have.   We plan how to adjust our lives.  We plan how to grow.  We plan how to eat healthier, be better

When we get carried away, God seems to always find a way to crush our false reality of control and remind us that we are not the masters.

The Lord [NOT ME] will work out his plans for my life. Psalm 138:8a

I’m not gonna lie.  Sometimes this can be really frustrating.  Sometimes I really like our plans.  They can be fun, calming, exciting, comforting.  They can be rational, and, sometimes, His plans don’t always seem rational to our human/earthly standards.

However, I hope my response can always be one of laughter, joy, and gratitude.

She laughs without fear of the future.  Proverbs 31:25b
Why would I laugh without fear of the future?  I know God is in control.

I know my future when I follow HIm and truly hand over control will be more amazing than I could have ever planned for myself.

– S


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