Weaning is OK

There’s a lot of controversy about breastfeeding.

Well maybe not controversy, since science is pretty clear how great it is.

Maybe the better statement is, there’s a lot of guilt surrounding breastfeeding. (excluding those who are physically incapable)

My milk came in, mastitis is on the way out, and Bug’s latching has greatly improved… and yet I’m weaning.

Yes, my gypsy Rose is only 3 weeks old. Yes I pumped…only to find out she has a dairy sensitivity and it’s unusable (for her at least).

Yes, I have extreme guilt about this decision. Yes, I know this is the best option for me, for her, and for Nici (and Chris)…essentially the hormones and pain and guilt is doing more harm to my family than good.

I 110% believe mothering is made up of self sacrifice; however I must also take care of my mental health/stress.

weaning is okIt is one thing to justify the cupcakes and growing body while pregnant; it’s an altogether different ball game dealing with the squishy parts and large (painful) boobs of a post baby body.

I try and give myself grace. I just grew a human, I am now raising two humans. I am healing and new at this.

But irrational thoughts creep in, the mirror lies, the brain allows guilt to spread and lies to grow:

-not thin enough

-not pretty anymore, or ever again

-not eating healthy enough

-not spending enough time with Nici

-not modest enough while trying to feed Bug

-not pumping enough

-not showering enough

-not kind enough to Chris

-not helpfl enough

-not resting enough

-not the mom I want to be

The lies continue, and I know they are lies. I never thought about it before, but Satan preys on the post pregnant momma.

The lies roll in, and guilt is their companion.

So fellow moms, dads, facebook friends, scholarly articles, well meaning strangers, and opinionated family members:

Yes, I’m weaning and bug will still thrive. And yes I already know the health benefits of breastfeeding. Yes, I know she is young. Yes I have thought about this decision (way more than you have). There is more than one reason to wean, and if you know a mom that stops early, all she needs is your support – not your opinion.

– J


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