Happy Birthday Nici Bear!

Thephoto 3re are very few people that come into your life and change it; change who you are at the core of your soul.

Change everything; change your entire universe and reason for existence.

2 years ago my world was changed. And although its been the hardest journey I’ve ever been on…Nici Bear has changed me, my life, for the better.

And there is zero doubt that my firecracker boy will also change the world.

A few words in a blog can’t do justice to the infinite goodness and strength and tenacity overflowing from his little body.

So I’ll share my prayer for him.

A prayer I pray over him every night and afternoon as I rock his growing body. The quiet words said communing with my God on his behalf as I try to press into my fiber and soul the way it feels to hold my baby bear close to me; warm and content and wild at heart.

photo 2“Lord, let him come to you…

with his good days

with his bad days

his confusion

his happy

his sad

his worry

his laughter

Let him come to you.

Let him run towards you. Let him take that 2 year old energy and use it as a grown man, running wildly towards you.

And also, if it not too much to ask…let him keep running to me too. Let him always know that although my arms are small they are safe and strong and will not hesitate to go to battle for him.”

photo 1And ok, I realize the last part is selfish, but God is a father who cares and understands this momma bears heart.

Nici bear, one day you may read this…I love you my wild child, you have changed my world and will continue to change the entire world. Don’t play small, you are meant for greatness!

-Mom (J)


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