Expectant Gratitude

“With gratitude for what he had not yet received, Abram [Abraham] worshipped as if there was no doubt about God’s truthfulness.” from Lucifer’s Flood by Linda Rios Brook

I like to think that I am a generally thankful person.  I recognize many of the blessings that God has given me.  However, what about the ones that He has promised and I haven’t yet received?  Because He has made some bold ones (see Be Bold) to all of us and I can hear Him making some individualized bold ones to me now if I would let Him.  How will I respond to these bold promises of what He can give me?  I hope like Abraham!

Talk about bold promises – look at what God promised Abraham.  There are no dark obscurities here; it’s quite the list.

  • God will bless those who bless Abraham and curse those who treat Abraham with contempt (Gen. 12:3).
  • God will bless all families on earth through Abraham (Gen. 12:3).
  • God will give Abraham a son through his wife despite  the fact that they were way beyond the age to physically be able to have kids (Gen, 15:4).
  • God  promises Abraham will have more descendant than the stars (Gen. 15:5).
  • God promises Abraham more land (Canaan) than Abraham could ever have imagined for himself (Gen. 15:7)

These were crazy, huge, BOLD promises.  What was Abraham’s response to these promises upon God promising them NOT upon actually receiving them?  Sacrifices, altars, and gratitude.

“With gratitude for what he had not yet received, Abram [Abraham] worshipped as7b4a9512f37533fcd0ab69dd1d07a462 if there was no doubt about God’s truthfulness.” from Lucifer’s Flood by Linda Rios Brook

Abraham trusted that God would follow through, even in the seeming impossible.   He didn’t wait until he received a blessing or understood how God would make good on these bold promises.  He worshipped God in gratitude right then and there with the confidence that God would follow through in those promises that were earthly and those that were heavenly, in those promises that Abraham would see and those that were for his children and their children.  He had unwavering faith that God would follow through.  This type of faith leads to many miracles, but it also leads to a spirit of gratitude for our Savior.

Lord, flood me with gratitude for all your bold promises you have made and are making to me!


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