Storms are Just Rain

I’m not like most people I know (I think its becausstorms are raine I’m fairly certain one day I’ll be a mermaid, or was a mermaid…)

Could also be because I think too much, then not at all.

Or feel things so deep and suddenly and have very little practice not showing those feelings (i’m working on this continually)

It could also be that I’m very seldom afraid.

Life stresses me out no doubt. I’m always in a fight to stay present and not jump ahead 10 tomorrows to organize what doesn’t yet exist.

But very little actually scares me. It’s no wonder why either, I have a safety net of rock solid support. And when your foundation is on solid ground the storms of life become just rain.

And me, well I’m a mermaid I don’t mind water. And…

The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else Isaiah 8:11

Honestly I had never read this verse or warning until just recently.

I just knew I was loud and emotional and felt things stronger and differently to me than most people, my family included. Example, I feel with my passions, Shauna feels with compassions. (2 very different things)

I also think with my stomach, so come at me with food and my reaction may differ completely…

But the freedom to think differently, to love differently, to act differently isn’t just in my hard wiring, it’s a warning, a command, from my Lord . And can only be expressed when fear is absent.

Life can be scary and it is certainly full of storms, but in my case the storms are mainly rain because my foundation is solid and I’ve “made the Lord of heavens armies holy in my life. His is the one I should fear. He is the one who should make me tremble…and He will keep me safe” Isaiah 8:13-14

No matter how much it rains. He has equipped me, He gave me my mermaid soul.

So the only one I should fear will keep me safe, the only one the oceans obey is on my side.

There is certainly peace in that.



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