Morning by Morning

Summer break officially started for me two weeks ago, which was great timing since we also welcomed Ainslee to the world!  The first weeks off of school are always fun and off setting.  There always seems to be so many hours in a day to do fun things and spread love on those you care about.

However, I also tend to slack off.  Hence, no blogs.  Truth be told, it also meant devotions every fifth day (and I’m being generous there).  I didn’t really spend time building my most important relationship.

On my first day back to it, because everyone else was sleeping and I could find no more excuses, God hit me with this:

2e3a54c0cef9ac554429f49062163586Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my understanding of His will.  – Isaiah 50:4b

My heart’s desire is to know and follow his will.  But, this won’t happen in a flash, but morning by morning – when I make the effort to meet Him where he is waiting, calling my name in love.
So, I return with renewed dedication and spirit to getting closer, loving, praising, and understanding  the one who made me and loves me more than anyone else.



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