Welcome to the World

I knew you before I formed you in your mothers womb. Before you were born I set you apart

Jeremiah 1:5

photo 3Ainslee Kathleen Rose, my gypsy girl, my mermaid princess.

I’ve thanked God for you everyday since you were just a seed, our tiny bug. And I’ll continue to thank God for you everyday, the good and bad and hard and laughter filled.

Your smile is already made of star beams and sun wishes.

June 7th you made your presence. And the world, my world, has forever shifted on its axis.

God has given me another perfect blessing I don’t deserve and am ill equipped to handle. Thank goodness He will guide me along this journey of motherhood.

He knew you before you were in my womb. He knows you now, He purposefully placed you in MY belly. He choose me to be your momma, He knew our family needed you (and our Nici Bear needed a companion, a fellow adventurer and warrior to take on life with).

My bear and my bug.  Oh how I love you two.photo 2

You were both set apart for magnificence from day one. You will do so many great and wonderful things… And I will be your eternal cheerleader and comfort.

Daily I fail, daily I fall, but my love for you it never falters!

Welcome to the world, welcome to our family gypsy Rose!

Gods got big plans for you!



One thought on “Welcome to the World

  1. What a gorgeous love letter to your babe! Thank you for sharing this. I felt (and continue to feel) that way about my son! Isn’t motherhood the best? There’s nothing like it! Keep posting pictures of you and your sweet boy! I will pray for you, little mama!

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