Momma’s Wild Child

My Nici Bear has the worst sleep schedule of anyone I know. This includes parents of newborns…and he’s going on 2 years old.

I’ve had many well-meaning people offer me so many well-meaning suggestions.

Co sleep, don’t co sleep, stricter routine, cry it out, don’t cry it out, later bedtime, clothes that smell like us, face-time with daddy, no middle of the night snacks, phase out naps (he’s done that on his own now).

I could continue, I wont.

Yes, all well meaning; also useless because I’ve tried them all. They don’t work for my wild child. My walking contradiction of aggression and puppy dog kisses.

He will change the world, but it will be on his time frame and with a snack in hand.

This morning a friend restored my tired spirit with her simple and profound words, “I pray for you all the time…Nici just has too much to contribute to this world that sleep is not an option for his spirit.”

(I pray everyone has this kind of friend.)

That reminder, that peace, it brings more rest to MY spirit than any sleep theory advice has ever come close to. Raising humans is hard (and it never ends, just ask my mom).

I’m strict on Nici in so many hard and right ways, but for only so long can I soothe his nightly loneliness.

mommas wildchildFor only so long can I comfort every fiber of his tiny being simply by letting him cuddle into me…and then roll like a gorilla all over my bed and body.

I could get mad and irritated, I do get tired.

But at this point, my body is fairly well adjusted to very little sleep, so sleep deprived mommas hang on…even if your child’s sleep doesn’t improve your body will adjust….so try and smile at you 3am gorilla child.

They are on a journey of greatness and sleep just isn’t an option for their spirit. Compassion starts right now, in the middle of the night with them.

Hold their loneliness and let their wild run safely free in the jungle of your bed.



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