What should I be praying about?

Sometimes it feels like I’m saying the same prayer every day.  I don’t think there is at its core anything wrong with that if it is intentional.  There is a consistancy in what is important to me and it is evident in my prayer.  As my nephew has now reached the point where he recognizes prayer, and sometimes asks to pray 7-8 times in one meal, it has made me start to think about what I am showing and teaching him in how I pray.  In two books I am reading two quotes about prayer really stuck out to me.

The first is by Lisa Bevere in Girls with Swords: How to Carry Your Cross like a Hero.  She says,“If you are not praying the type of prayers that scare you, your prayers are certainly not frightening your enemy.” How true is that?  Am I willing to ask God to use me, mold me, change me past the point of comfort? If I’m not doing that how am I frightening our enemy?  Complacency is not scary and it is not interesting.  I have said before that I always grew up with a healthy fear of God (and prayer).  As I’ve heard lots of times, be careful what you pr25040c509a70721841b67fb0934d5eebay for because it may come true!  So, am I willing to pray for God’s will even when I am uncertain about it?  Am I willing to trust Him more than I trust myself?  Am I willing to pray for intimidating, scary change?  Because, when I fall to my knees, I want the enemy to think, “Oh no, not her again.”

The second comes from a daily devotional by Ann Spangler.  She says, “Pray honestly and with hope for yourself and for others.” I think these need to be separated.  Pray honestly.  This means being honest with yourself and God.  Do, I really put it all out there every time?  Pray with hope for yourself and others.  Pray with hope, not desperation, not monotony/habit.  Hope is a very specific emotion that is based on a positive belief that something can/will happen.  Pray for hope for others; I would expand this to everyone else.  What if I prayed with hope for people who are difficult or make things difficult?  Not hope that they will change, or make my life easier, but with hope that God blesses them and shows his will to them?
bae558e0655b3bbcbafc6050d3185b41So, what should I be praying?  I think it comes down to me and God.  What do I honestly need to say?  I need to recognize the millions of way he is blessed me and the hope that he gives me daily.  I need to be honest with what I want to see him do in hope myself and others.  I need to be willing to be scared, to be intimidated and ask for this – this is where growth happens for myself and His kingdom.  I need to reach out to Him as my Father, Counselor, and Friend.  I need this for myself and those watching all around.



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