People Are Not the Enemy

Most of us agree overall with the concept innocent until proven guilty.

Yet, all day, everyday, we go around condemning people with our minds.

I’m talking about judging others. I know I do it

I think its safe to say we all do it (on some level), even though we know its wrong, even though we try not to.

It’s partially a protection mechanism, we are wired to make split second decisions about people for obvious safety, and convenience reasons.

But how do you turn that off?

That’s not hypothetical; I’m open to suggestions folks!

“ How much more peaceful would our lives become if we could make a habit of tilting out brains in a positive direction, judging others favorably until there is definite evidence that we should not?” Ann Spangler

Even when others do things differently than us, ways that make zero sense (to us).

Even when others hurt us.

I need to cultivate a habit of positive tilting.

And furthermore I need to not propagate thinking that is simply speculation or spreading negativity.

people arent the enemyI want to be a light, and it’s impossible to be positive while thinking negatively about people.

It’s time to put more energy, more specific action, into thinking positively. People are not the enemy; Satan uses people. And he knows who the weakest links in our lives are!

– J


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