Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. 1 Corinthians 9:27

God calls us to be ready.  So, I always tend to focus on my soul, focus, and attitude.  Make sure I am ready in spirit.  However, there is something to be said about being physically ready, which looks different for each of us.

About every other week, my sister and I have a discussion.  I come to her with a request that we make a plan because I’m c46c15fbbbfc22a90c4cf179dc39909fready to focus and take my health to a better level.  We repeat this process, the pretty much exact same conversation, every time.  I have several health conditions that make it very difficult to lose weight and very easy to gain/keep it.

For a long time, I put my health to the side.  I have my life really pulled together.  I know who I am in my Father and in an earthly context.  I know where I want to go.  God pulls me and blesses me in ways that I can never predict.  So, really, those extra pounds I carry with me never seemed to hold me back.

However, my body is a temple.  I pray over and over that God uses me in ways I cannot imagine.  I pray that I am spiritually, emotionally, and mentally ready.  It never even crossed my mind that I might not be physically ready.  So, I need to view my physical health in spiritual terms.  I need my body to be able to take me anywhere, anytime.  I need my body to be able to respond as earnestly as my soul.  I want to run God’s race to win, which means I need to train my body to do what it should.  The physical preparedness of my body is also important.  It just honestly takes more focus and work for me than other areas of my life where things come easier.

38c0bd1d3e04163931ef24a390abd7d9It is also potentially easy to get carried away in this.  So, I have to keep my eyes on God.  My context for everything needs to be His plan and purpose.  This should be no different.  The times when it becomes about me, the way others perceive me, the size of the jeans, etc. are the times when I tend to get quit.  After all, I have accomplished a lot in that size.  HOwever, when I keep my eyes on the finish line, on the race I run for him, on the hurdles I cannot yet see, then I can keep my focus, pick myself up when I fall of the wagon, and maybe can spare my sister the pain of repeating the same conversation every other week.



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