Let God Choose Our Battles

let God pick my battlesThe secret to living in greater freedom involves letting God choose our battles and then playing the role He assigns us. – Ann Spangler

Let God choose my battles, there’s an idea…I both like and dislike.

In terms of simplifying my life, that would certainly help.

In terms of fleshy comebacks and satisfaction…I would need to harness self control.

Let God pick my battles-all day, everyday.

Truth be told I don’t even know how to do that, but I strongly suspect it starts with prayer.

Prayer before battle, prayer before the first word uttered. Prayer during, and prayer after

I do pray a lot, mainly in the morning.

I’m learning slowly it’s so much more than words.

A whole battle can be waged, fought, and won in the midst of one prayer.

Here’s to trying, to giving up control, letting my guard down…and being ready to fight, but only when my general gives the go-ahead.



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