Strong Love

“Lord help me stop absorbing the emotions that are swirling around me. Strengthen me so that I can respond in a way that strengthens others”

Responding in strength…seems to have been on my to do list the past few days.

Responding in strength with kindness…that is exhausting.

This week I had a very difficult conversation with a friend.

I had to say things I knew she wouldn’t want to hear. I’d been praying about it day and night.

It was time. It was hard. It is still hard.

Loving someone deeply requires strength beyond compare.

Loving them enough to allow them to be angry and upset at you – this type of love is disappearing.

We need to find it, we need to allow God to strength us so we can love harder, love stronger.

Society is becoming more open and accepting (which is fantastic)

However, with this “freedom to do whatever you want/need in order to be happy” accountability is being thrown out the window.

strong love Yes, you are free to choose. No you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

And if I love you and think you are making a mistake I will tell you. Even if it is hard to say. Even if you will get mad at me.

I’m not a ‘yes’ friend. I call it how I see it. I also listen to your side and am here for late night phone calls (despite my early bedtime) or morning coffee chats.

I am opinionated and brave and I am here for you.

That doesn’t make me judgmental or bible-thumpy (two things I’ve been called this week).

It means I have high standards and hold those I love accountable to their actions.

I pray they all love me enough to do the same when I’m screwing up (which is more than I’d like).

True love is hard.

True love is strong.

True love can withstand any storm – so long as you face it head on and don’t foolishly pretend it is sunny.



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