Waiting on the Home Run

Vintage-Baseball-Wall-Art_PE0371Even when we follow God’s nudges, He sometimes throws us a curveball that we did not see coming.  However, this doesn’t mean we were wrong to get in the batter’s box.  We just lack a heavenly perspective.  We are incapable of seeing the full picture.  However, we have to have faith that He has a plan; He uses all things for good.  So, maybe the curveball was so that we make sure we have our footing correct or that our weight is distributed right because that next pitch is going to be the good one.  Maybe it’s not the next pitch.  Maybe it’s the next inning or the next game.  Maybe it has nothing to do with us and we have to get the curve ball so the next batter can see the pitch better.


We have to make sure we respond to God’s nudges even when they don’t turn out the way we thought they would.  We need to make time to spend with God to ensure we are following Him with our next steps, but not get too caught up with the fact that it doesn’t make sense.  We have to trust that He knows what He is doing –  even if we would like to know the pitch that’s coming.

(In honor of opening week, Go Tigers!)



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