Life Changes, Welcome Gramma

Life changes.

That is a simple fact. It changes fast, without warning. And then it changes slowly so you barely know it’s happening.

It changed nonetheless.

And our life is about to change.

life changesGod works in mysterious ways and it will be a busy spring of transitions as we get Gramma settled into her new home with us and finish preparing for Baby Girl.

A new member of your home always changes things…this spring we are welcoming two!

Truth be told it was a curve ball, but how boring would life be without the occasional curve ball?!

And despite the craziness of preparation, how blessed are we that we can open our arms and home in love?

We have a peculiar tribe growing here: mom, dad, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a Titi, and now Gramma…

Transitions are ahead. Some will be glorious days, and some will be head banging days.

But we have a house full of love, built on love, carried by faith…we can’t go wrong with that foundation.

So heres to opening arms and homes, to expanding households and deepening relationships,

Consciously making the choice to live out love every single day – in the big and small ways.

A few days left and we can’t wait to have you Gramma!



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