Less Processed

Shauna and I have started a new “less processed” way of life.

Not because it is a new year- timing was just coincidental.

Life is full of clutter:

Physical daily household clutter

Emotional clutter

Work clutter

Food clutter (I could continue. I won’t)

It’s time to clean up- from the inside out. And a better taken care of physical body is merely a nice side effect.

Because it’s nless processed imageot about the body (although for someone battling an eating disorder and growing baby bigger everyday I can admit some days it’s a struggle to keep perspective).

I’m just so incredibly tired of “summer bodies are made in winter” or “get bikini ready now”

Guess what?

You have the same body all year long. And it can wear a bikini whenever it wants.

Every day, every season.

I realize these sale pitches are meant to motivate, but really all they are saying is:

The body you have is less than adequate.

Ladies, just stop it.

We are raising children: male and female to think only perfectly sculpted, thin bodies are worth while.

I have body issues out the wazoo-

However, I’m learning (everyday) to appreciate and love the body I currently have… not the one I want or the one you’re advertising.

The skin I’m in now is beautiful and needs taking care of; not critics hidden as inspiration. (Thank goodness I have a husband full of never ending real support).

Part of de-cluttering my life is taking out (some) processed food.

However, it will also include welding out the negative voices via facebook, television, radio, day to day contact.

If you’re not for me (and my body) then you’re against me. And who needs that kind of clutter in their life anyways!?



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