Just Beating the Drum to Beat the Drum

Nici in mid march with a drum stick in his right hand.
Nici in mid march with a drum stick in his right hand.
Nici and I on a musical parade
Nici and I on a musical parade

My nephew loves playing the drum…or playing anything that might sound like a drum.  It is probably safe to say that at all of his 20 months, he has more rhythm than I do.  My response to my sister telling me I have no rhythm when playing with him? “I do.  It just isn’t consistent.”

I’ve never been good at timing.  I’m inconsistent.  I like to rush into action for some things and then I wait (sometimes bordering on procrastination) for others. I tend to do these for the opposite things I should.

I’m not great at waiting.  I like to jump to action/change.  I don’t like change, but if it’s going to happen, I like for it to happen now.  I think that is why the following spoke to me:

“The crazy thing is, is if calling really is a whisper of God, in order to have a calling you must have a caller—and I believe that’s God. If He’s the one who set this thing in motion, then He’s going to be the one who actually executes on the roll out.

There are times where we’ll hear something from God or confirmation and we’re really getting to process things on new levels. And yet I believe there’s still a season where He holds it off for a reason”  – from Finding Your Calling Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

by Norvz Austria
by Norvz Austria

God’s timing is different than ours.  I feel a sense of urgency for certain things, but it is becoming clear to me that it is because I am trying to work on my schedule/time frame instead of His.  One of the hardest things for me to obey is to be still and silent.  Don’t do anything.  Don’t fix anything.  Just be still in HIs presence and listen.

“Urgency, however, is less suited for reflection and rest. In many ways, it is at odds with waiting on the Lord, seeking God in silence and solitude, and meditating on Scripture. Urgency has a powerful magnetic pull that can keep us from hearing God.” from Want to Hear God?  Slow Down.

Truth be told, I hate silence. Just ask Jessi.  I like to fill the silence with noise.  So, this is a real challenge for me.  To slow down, stop, and spend enough time in silent reflection to actually allow Him to whisper to my heart.

Lord, I pray for patience. I pray for peace in the silence and waiting. I pray for a still, longing heart and feet that run towards You.  I pray for Your will in Your timing.  I pray for the ear and ability to beat my drum to Your beat.



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