From Kansas City to Pakistan

This is in many ways a reflection on Jessi’s blog yesterday (Learning to Hike).  I have this notion in my head that unless I am serving God to the point of pain than it is not enough.  I have to do something that is self-sacrificing.  This means giving financially to the point where I cut it close each month.  This means thinking I’m obviously not doing enough unless I am forced to sacrifice – maybe that’s living close to those I love, serving Him in a place that puts me potentially in danger, serving Him in a way that radically changes life as I know it.

As good intentioned as this may be, it takes away from the daily ways I serve him and more ways I could serve him right where I am.  God asks us to put down the things of this world and take up the cross.  However, there are millions of ways we can do this in our day to day lives without having to give up everything.  From volunteering a couple hours a week to sponsoring a child of poverty.  We can extend love and grace to our family AND all our coworkers.  We can be a living testimony to what God can do in us and through us in all of our interactions.  To think we have to do something grand and noble (as Jessi puts it) or self-1782_Baldwyn_Map_of_the_Worldsacrificing and painful, ignores the miracles that God works every day in the seemingly ordinary and routine.

He can work through me in Kansas City or in Pakistan.  He can work through me just as much if my income is 30,000 or 230,000.  God is not limited by our circumstances.  He is bigger than our choices and our surroundings.  If we allow it, He can become the context for all we do.  We can impact those around us in a multitude of ways.  Ultimately, that is what I believe God calls us to do.  Live love.  Give love. Spread mercy.  Everywhere and anywhere.



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