Learning to Hike

I’ve always wanted to do grand and noble things with my life. Big, obvious game changers for the world…and to feel the glory of reaching the crest (no I’m not vain at all). But the older I get, the more I realize how naïve that really is. And that I will never reach the peak. There is a mountain top, and I will be there one day, just not in this lifetime.learning to hike 2 This life is hard. Which is obvious and natural considering my goal is a mountain top. It’s an uphill climb, and while I love a good hike with marvelous views…I’m also a Hilton with extra towels and room service kind of gal! What I’m saying is thank goodness my efforts have no bearing on whether or not I’ll reach the top in my life. I will grow tired (I am tired right now). I will need rest (beyond what my child permits). I will fail myself, my people, my God. He will still be waiting for me. learning to hike 3I take that back. He will be climbing with me, and resting with me, and picking me up when I fall (again). He will even point out the spots to stop and look at the view if I listen. Life isn’t about grand or noble things. It’s much simpler and pretty than that. Life is one day at a time. Kindness one moment at a time. Raising little people to enjoy the climb, the resting, the work, the kindness, and hopefully allowing them to do so with un-calloused hearts. And that is a feat far nobler than I can ever achieve- without the never ending grace of a savior climbing with me.learning to hike And one day (hopefully a long time from now) we’ll marvel at the view together. – J


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