Start a Fire

Yes, having such a fire of faith is costly, requiring energy and commitment. But when you use your life to fuel the faith in those you love, as you burn brilliantly and intensely, your children have many opportunities to light their own flame of love for God. ~ Walking With Women of the Bible

I love this!

People like to think faith is an easy thing, and admittedly, for me it is.

But (like every relationship) a relationship with God requires effort! If you start a friendship and then disappear, so will the friendship. If you start a fire and walk away eventually you’ll have ashes. You must keep tending to the fire in order for it to burn brilliantly.

The same is true of the fire within us! If we stop tending to our faith and our relationship with God, it will (like everything else) burn out.

There’s a certain beauty that comes in showing up. In forcing God to be a priority. I say force because there are about 100 other more ‘practical’ things I could do with my limited free time. None would have the same effect.

Not only is there a deeper peace and connection with God, but we also burn differently and thus act differently in all things earthly when our faith fire is at its peak.

You see, when you’re on fire everything you touch catches fire. Everyone and everything you interact with can feel the Christ flame in your life (They may not know that’s what it is, but they will want the good burn too).

This is true of strangers, friends, and most importantly family.

I believe children are born innocent and wanting to believe in things unseen. Hence the easy belief in Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, and monsters under the bed….but there will come an age when the questioning starts.

I pray I can light such a fire in them that they won’t ask, “who is God” (they will already know)

But instead …. “How can I burn brighter?”



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