It’s Ok to Not Be a Happy Go Lucky Person

Maybe I’m not a happy, go lucky, silly, overly positive kind of person.

So, I don’t like board games or cards or have time (or enjoy spending) countless hours lost in a book.

There’s a lot on my plate all the time.

I am tired and stressed and prone to snap out of pure exhaustion (something I’m working on).

I was born wired tense and passionate, and have always voiced my many opinions – not so properly all the time.

For years, I’ve been working on finding joy, happiness, and peace- searching for a heart full of gratitude.

Last year, I reached 4,102 items in my thankful journal (and stopped recording them in October when the pregnancy sickness hit).

Everyday God gives me moments of joy and happiness and peace.

And (most) days I am keenly aware of them even in my exhausted state.

I am blessed.

I take notice (or try very, very hard to).

I am happy on the inside even when I’m tired (i.e. crabby) on the outside.

its ok to not be happy go lucky Showing the world that happiness is something I am working on.

However, I’ve decided it’s also ok to be wired tense and passionate.

It’s ok to not like board games or cards or nonsense-ical books.

I’m working on the snapping thing, because that brings no glory to God or pleasure to anyone else…and because the blessings that make me so tired I wouldn’t trade for the world.

But here’s the thing, stop assuming I’m not happy or grateful because I show emotions differently.

I’m tired, overly busy, and overly stressed.

I’m also overly grateful.



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