No More Buts

It’s funny how different stories/passages strike you each time you read the Bible.  I’ve heard the story of Gideon in sermons and I’ve read it once or twice.  Part of it has really stuck with me since reading Judges 6 last week. 

God calls on Gideon to save the Israelites from the Midianites.  What is Gideon’s resonse?  He has heard directy from God ~ surely he gets up and goes..Nope.  His response is, ” But, Lord…”  he does this not once, but 3 TIMES ~ not always in exactly those words, but in the spirit of those words.

How many times have I done this?  God nudges me to do something and my response is

“But Lord, have you thought about…”

“But Lord, what if…”

“But Lord, remember…”

“But Lord, I’m not ready, prepared, good enough, stable, [fill in appropariate phrase]”

God’s response to Gideon is His response to me, to all of us.  Each time Gideon “oh buts,” God gives a different reason ~ each of which should be enough.

  1. Go in the strength you have…I am sending you
    • He wouldn’t send us unless we had enough strength through Him.
  2. I will be with you.
    • Enough said
  3. Peace.  Do not be afraid.
    • If we submit our fear to Him, He can handle it.  He has everything under control.

I also find it interesting that this is the order in which God responds.  It’s like He starts big and hopes Gideon will obey, but each time Gideon doesn’t, God breaks it down further until He gets to what is holding Gideon back and prompting all his questioning ~ fear. 

God knows our hearts, my heart.  He doesn’t always call it out because He hopes I will respond on His first command in trust that he has prepared me and the way.

I just have to change my “but Lord” to a “yes Lord.”



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