A Work in Progress

God has blessed us all with natural talents, tendencies, and capabilities.  I believe He was just as intentional with what He did not just “give” us.  I’ve been thinking about this list lately.  The things that I am not – so, He can.

I am not brave.  I like the comfort of the familiar and known.  I like to know what’s going to happen and plan for any veers that may take me off course.  I need God to grant me courage on a daily basis for things I cannot control.  I need him to build courage for things that can be big, scary, and looming.

I am not coordinated.  Luckily, this isn’t really necessary for my everyday life.  (Well, except for the dropping things, tripping, slipping, falling, slamming, breaking, etc. that I don’t mean to do).  However, God has given me the physical capacity to do just about everything I’ve ever wanted.  (Except I think it’s safe to kiss the professional figure skating career goodbye)

I am not out-going or gregarious.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe I can be friendly.  However, I REALLY don’t like big, social things or even small, social things.  (Again, I like the small, comfortable, and familiar.)  God helps me still lead and participate in these situations.  198511_20140531_112114_tumblr_n6fd9w6aPd1r9v6c0o1_500

I am not good at asking for help.  I am stubborn and independent.  I like to do things myself and know that I worked to do them all on my own.  I’m still firmly in touch with my inner 2-3 year old that can do it herself.  God helps me need people.  He puts people in my life who I feel safe going to for help/assistance.  He grants me the acceptance that I can’t do it all myself.

The list could go on.  These are the things that keep me humble.  These are the things that keep me relying on God.  These are the things that combine to make me who I am – a work in progress.



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